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Type the letter of the country in the given field, and the list of the available drivers for your country will be updated automatically. The page allows to search by.Q: JavaScript class with List I'm trying to create an JS class with List but I'm running into trouble. I can get the class working if I set an object as the value for the list. However, if I try to initialize a list and then use it, I get an error saying the property 'add' isn't defined. I'm sure I'm doing something completely wrong. For example: function List(container) { this.container = container; this.list = this.container.list; } var l = new List(document.getElementById('mylist')); A: You need to change this.list to this.container.list or you need to make your function argument a function. If you were using a self-invoking function and defining it immediately with: (function() { ... }()); You'd need to call the function immediately and then you could do: (function() { ... }()); var l = new List(document.getElementById('mylist')); Bentley Mulsanne The Bentley Mulsanne is a luxury grand tourer car produced by British car manufacturer Bentley Motors from 2002 to 2004. The name is a combination of two components: the Mulsanne, from the name of the French designer and aircraft designer Gabriel Mulsanne; and the forthcoming Bentleys M6, M6 GT and M6 S, an aluminium-bodied, six-cylinder, supercharged, six-seater car, which was announced in the same month as the Mulsanne, in November 2001. The British press have frequently called the car "Bentley's baby Mulsanne". Development The Mulsanne is the first car to bear the M in the Mulsanne name since the E24 Continental, and the name of the first generation of the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. The original concepts for the Mulsanne were developed as part of the B3X project, being developed from a car Bentley had been considering using for the 1990s. Development of the first prototypes began in November 1998. The project ac619d1d87

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